New Dawn Shines for Elvina Makina, Courtesy of Amore Organisation

Education of women and girls is important in connection to the alleviation of poverty.

A helping hands, which aims ‘to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities.
By Joyce Mukucha and Tafadzwa Mupfururirwa
HARARE – Driven by the commitment to save the girl child and young women eradicating challenges they face in their everyday life as they try to access education, in accordance with its Charity projects calendar, Amore Organisation’s visionary Maria Haines is making concerted effort to ensure that girls can easily acquire basic needs without being violated, abused or embarrassed.
Realising the hindrances , difficulties and barriers that the African-Zimbabwean females face in their day to day survival, the organisation is being guided with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 which aims ‘to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’ as it is striving to extend as much assistance as it can to girls especially the less privileged ones.
This has seen the organisation awarding a scholarship to a 19- year -old lady Elvina Makina from Seke Chitungwiza who has been in need of educational financial assistance to pursue her dreams as it moves with the theme “Educate Her to Make her Life Splendid.”
It has become a new dawn for Elvina as she has been granted a scholarship with a fixed fee amounting to USD $445 being handed over for her to undergo the Learner’s Proffessional Hunter’s Guide course by the Wild Encounter Safari to become a Licenced Wild Life and Tourism practitioner which has been always her dream and passion since the age of 13.
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Makina managed to pass her ZIMSEC Ò Level with 8 subjects including Mathematics ,English language and Integrated Science from Seke 2 High School in Chitungwiza with the help from a non-governmental organisation SOS’s Children Village but could not proceed with her education due to financial constraints.
It has been a plight for both a mother and daughter experiencing sleepless nights and restless day trying to survive basic daily life and trying to raise enough money for Elvina to proceed with her academic dreams.
Speaking at an Academic Scholarship Donation Day in Harare last week, the Fundraising Officer with AMORE who is also the visionary, Haines said it was imperative to empower young women through the academic sector ensuring that the girl child has all the rights to academic opportunities at any level and areas without discrimination.
She said the education of women and girls is important in connection to the alleviation of poverty.
“It is a pleasure to have identified a very bright, industrious and passionate Young Lady -Elvina Makina from Seke Chitungwiza. We have seen it important to support her so that she will be able to proceed with her educational and career studies. Her scholarship is in strong support of the STEM education in Zimbabwe.
“When we say save the girl child and young women, it means to relieve and bring into safety first through being aware of the challenges girls and women face in their day to day life and also acting on eleviating the basic challenges through providing the basic female needs such as sanitary wear,food, clothing, shelter, transport fares to and from school as well as stationary.

“An educated female makes informed decisions and women invest more of their income into their families than most men do when involved in extra marital affairs gambling and alcoholism.”The fate of Civilisation lies in the hands of the Girl Child as they are the root of our creation. Moreover all in recognition support a very important global sustatainable goals for instance SDG5 which seeks to achieve gender equality to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls,” said Haines.
She also emphasised that improving girl’s educational levels has been demonstrated to have clear impacts on the health and economic future of young women, which in turn improves the prospects of their entire community.
Haines discouraged a common practice by the African societies of having a strong desire to bear male children as they are preferred compared to female children.
“Girls are discriminated ,looked down upon and abused. That is why the girl child should be saved and given equal opportunity to go ahead in life.Girls and young ladies need saving because they are very strong and determined and can take care of themselves but due to social evils and unawareness,people violate and destroy them.”
The visionary also presented to Makina a hamper of stationary, basics of toiletries consisting of mainly sanitary wear in strong recognition and support of beating the period poverty, which are challenges women and girls face in managing their monthly menstruation in a healthy and hygienic manner.
She urged other charity ambassadors to pay attention to the needs of and support in the provision of the basic needs that children and females need in the course of empowering and educating them.
Expressing her gratitude to the organisation, the beneficiary said, “I want to thank Amore for remembering me and for giving the opportunity that is going to change my life, I’m very thankful. When I received a letter of being granted a scholarship, my heart was at easy because I know that when I do my studies, I will have a better future and I will be able to take care of my mother who has gone through difficult times working as a domestic worker in her old age trying to fend for me.
“She is a very mature woman of almost 60 years of age. She has been working for almost 15 years as a domestic house worker in the Harare suburbs so as to make ends meet and cater for rentals food and clothing for survival despite her compromised health conditions. The situation has made her experience countless sleepless nights and restlessness as she wonders how i could possibly have the opportunity and assistance to acquire my dreams. So today I’m happy to be first official beneficiary of Amore Scholarship Donation in June 2021 knowing that I’m going to study something that I have been always passionate about for so long.”
Speaking as the guest, Brenda Kachepa Founder of the Bridge Trust an organisation that advocates for women and children rights especially those that are underprivileged applauded Amore’s work as she said educating the girl child was giving her power.
“Educating a girl child is emancipating a woman. We can not talk of advocacy and equality if we leave the girl child behind especially when it comes to her education. Amore shares the same vision as the Bridge Trust. There is nothing as fulfilling as realizing there is another force making a difference especially as education is concerned, this is commendable,” said Kachepa.
Kachepa added that she is also a product of a scholarship which was a bridge to her that helped her to cross over hence the name and later inspired the name ‘Bridge Trust.’
Elvina is the last born out of three children. She is a very bright ,ambitious and industrious young lady who has resorted to vending through selling fish supplies by her brother-in-law from Kariba.
She sells random items out of the little profits such as hoarding and selling socks, she also does hairdressing where she and her mother Lizah Makina rent a single room in Seke Chitungwiza.
Elvina manages to buy herself basic needs such as sanitary wear, toiletries and food and she has also managed to acquire a Provisional Driver’s Licence from her vending profits.

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