Controversial land baron Ken Sharpe’s Augur Investments is a shelf company: Markham

….. Markham described Ken Sharpe as crook and the Archbishop of corruption Zimbawe ever witnessed.
By Staff Reporter
HARARE – MDC Alliance Harare North legislator Norman Markham who is seeking a reversal of an agreement between the City of Harare and controversial justice fugitive Kenneth Raydon Sharpe owned Augur Investments OU has claimed that the latter is a shelf company without any movable or immovable property.

Harare North legislator Norman Markham
In his answering affidavit in the High Court of Zimbabwe under case HC 425/2021Markham says the company does not own anything.
“The agreement between the City of Harare and Augur Investments OU concluded in May 2008, was entered into by a body that had no authority to carry out and execute contracts on behalf of a lawfully executed Council.
“The fact that Minister Chombo appointed a Commission so soon after the 2008 election when councilors where in existence, is an indictment and an unanswerable hurdle against the agreement. The fact that at no material time did the duly elected council ever approve terms of the Agreement nor did augur Investments OU ever produced its own resolution. In other words the suspensive condition where never met. This is fact and confirmed in Justice Muremba’s judgment.
“The fact that the agreements never went to tender despite that provisions of the Procurement Act; the fact that Zimbabwe investments laws were never met. The fact that huge amounts of land were transferred to the 1str Respondent (Augur Investments OU) through its satellite company without respect to the provisions of the Urban Councils Act,” argued Markham
“For all intends and purposes, the 1st Respondent is a shelf company. It does not own anything.
Furthermore I will demonstrate below, it has had different locations and domicile from different countries in Europe to Mauritius and to Zimbabwe. On the other hand it has operated principality through controversial “drama queen” Tatiana Aleshina, “at large” Kenneth Raydon Sharpe and Michael Van Blerk. These are the principals.
“Furthermore, to the extent that, allegations of fraud are made against Augur Investments and its officials, it is natural that the corporate veil must be lifted and that the principal players be identified. Certain and serious allegations are made against individuals. Those individuals are surely obliged to answer for themselves.”
Markham alleges that statements by Aleshina reveal her corruption in the matters.
“Now we know from the mouth and pen of Tatiana Aleshina herself. Her extensive corrupt involvement in these matters. I make reference once more to her fingerprints of State Capture which I have referred above. In short there has been no misjoinder in this matter.” he argued.

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