Ken Sharpe’s US$205 million Pomona land “heist” scandal , Markham questions Minister

The deal is emanating from the unfinished Airport Road between City of Harare and Ken Sharpe’s Augur Investments.
By Court Reporter
Harare North legislator Allan Norman Markham has questions  Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo accusing him of failing to uphold the Constitution of Zimbawe in the ongoing land heist scandal worthy US$205 million.
In his answering affidavit dated May 19th 2021 under case number HC 425/2021, in a matter which he is seeking the reversal of a land I question between the City of Harare and Augur Investments owned by controversial “justice fugitive” Kenneth Raydon Sharpe , Markham says the Minister’s action in the matter are motivated by corruption.
“It is my respectful contention that Minister July Moyo has failed Zimbabwe. He has failed to uphold the Constitution of Zimbabwe.
“He has failed to be transparent. He has failed to persuade this court (High Court) that his actions are not motivated by anything other than corruption. He is an embarrassment to the country and to the President,” said Markham.
He said the suggestion by the Minister in his opposing affidavit that he (Markham 1st Applicant) and Jacob Pikicha (3rd Applicant) had no capacity to seek reversal of the controversial deal were shocking.

Harare North legislator Norman Markham
“The suggestion that a resident of Harare, a former Councilor of the City of Harare, a Member of Parliament, has no locus standi to bring proceedings that raises a public interest matter of housing, of development, of good governance, of land in country which went to war for land, is shocking and unbelievable.
“That a Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe can seek to bar a litigant from court, from asserting his rights, is a reflection on the quality of that Minister.
“The suggestion that a serving scheme which the 1st Applicant knows personally does not have a locus standi to question the unfair and illegal allocation of housing land to a rogue company, is shocking and unbelievable.
“The suggestion that a homeless and landless man, the 3rd Applicant cannot have a locus standi to challenge unlawful dispossession of public land, is again shocking. What planet does Minister July Moyo comes from?” Markham said.
The State land in question is measuring 2 730 000 square meters allegedly stolen through shaddy deals by justice fugitive Kenneth Raydon Sharpe well known as Ken Sharpe through City of Harare and Aurgur Investment’s.

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