Amore Organisation Rescucitates New Start Children’s Home’ Burnt Kitchen

“It is food for my soul as the visionary to see the children and their caregivers putting a smile on their faces.”
By Joyce Mukucha and Tafadzwa Mupfururirwa.
HARARE – Following a fire disaster that happened in April at New Start Children’s Home, a local charity institution which resulted in the entire kitchen being destroyed leaving the home with no hope, Amore Organisation has brightened their day as it stretched the hand in donating some of the kitchenware.
In an interview after the donation in Harare on the 10th of June 2021, Ruvarashe Maria Haines who is the Fundraising Officer with Amore Organisation said her organisation has seen it important to extend such help with the main aim of ensuring that children’s happiness and welfare is prioritized.
“Today as Amore team we have come to New Start Children’s Home mainly due as a tragic response that took place at the home a couple of months ago.The kitchen got burnt to ashes leaving nothing to look at and the institution called for assistance in rescucitating the kitchen.
“We have donated kitchen utensils, dining equipment such as dinner plates, cutlery,cups with a target of accommodating all children at the home from the nursery babies upto the older children. It has been indeed a pleasure to have been warmly welcomed by the home and being able to relieve them in the most way we could as Amore Organisation,” Haines said.
Additionally, she explained that it was also a pleasure to do more for the home in the time to come.

“It is food for my soul as the visionary to see the children and their caregivers putting a smile on their faces.”

Emphasising that every donation counts, Haines urged other organisations to emulate the good work and also extend the assistance they can to the home to ensure that the children can live happily and have a productive future.
“I would like to encourage other individuals, companies and organisations to reach out and help in any way that can rescucitate the kitchen or supporting their capital improvements budget for the classroom block,the hostel and more. No donation is too small. Let’s make the difference in supporting the children so that they have a better and brighter future, they mean sustainability and development of this nation and globally.”

Some of the donated good.
New Start Children’s Home’s adminstrator Florence Chiremba thanked Amore Organisation explaining that she was so delighted to have received the donation which will go a long way in taking care of the children.
“On the 8th of April 2021 we have a tragedy, unfortunately we can’t explain how it happened what we know is something happened to the gas that was being used to cook and our kitchen was burnt to ashes and we didn’t manage to save anything.
“We had cookers, stoves, refrigerators, cups and anything you can think of that is found in the kitchen and everything was burnt. The other side was the storeroom for food meaning that we had no food on that day.
“We are so grateful especially today for the donation we have received. The Amore Organisation came and brought us all the things that are here, they have replaced the place that has been destroyed. We are so grateful and humbled by their act of kindness. Now every child can have a plate in his or her hand with a spoon to use. We thank also the people who have chipped in from all walks of life. We are grateful that we have friends who are concerned, though we are doing hand to mouth, we never stayed hungry and we are still asking for more donations that we can store and help us in the near future,” she said.
Chiremba said as the institution, they were still amazed on how the Lord is still doing wonders for them to be able to continue coping and feed the children explaining that there was a donor who offered to build the kitchen and at the moment the walls are already up.
Concerning other difficulties, she highlighted that the home was facing a big challenge for textbooks, uniforms and shoes among other school necessities especially a bigger amount of money which is required to be used in school fees for those who are at university level.
New Start Children’s Home was established in 1999 with the aim of taking care of children who have lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS pandemic and the cases of abandoned babies became rampant.
The organisation accommodates all ages of children from zero to 25 years. About 22 babies are in the nursery. The school age going are around 68 ranging from ECD A upto university level.
A helping hand :Some of the donated goods

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