Winter Farming Season Oncourse: Government

Over 90 thousand hectares had been earmarked for planting under the Presidential wheat scheme.
By Tatenda Mujeyi.
HARARE – Cabinet considered and approved a Progress Report on the 2021 Winter Wheat and Barley Planting and Summer Crops Marketing Season, which was presented by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement, Honourable Dr Anxious Masuka.
The report guaranteed that over 90 thousand hectares had been earmarked for planting under the Presidential wheat scheme, Command/CBZ, and private partnerships.
“A total of 92 000 hectares, comprising 85 000 hectares for wheat and 7 000 hectares for barley, was targeted for planting this winter season under the following programmes.
Presidential Wheat Scheme (10 000 hectares wheat), Command/CBZ Agro-Yield (10 000 hectares wheat), the Private Sector (15 000 hectares wheat) and Delta (7 000 hectares barley). It is advised that 9 796 hectares have been identified under the Presidential Wheat Scheme as at 3 June 2021, while a total of 65 623 hectares (1 361 farmers) has been contracted under the Command/CBZ Agro-Yield Programme.”Chairperson of Post Cabinet briefs Ministerof Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa said.
With the planting extended to the 15th of June, and seeding rate increased by over 10% per hectare expectation of surpassing 300 thousand metric tons is high.
“Government advises that as at 5 June 2021, a total of 47 519 hectares had been planted to wheat, more than double the area planted at the same time last year. The planting deadline has been extended to 15 June 2021 from 10 June and the seeding rate increased from 125 to 150kg/hectare. It is estimated that with this extension, 70 000 to 75 000 hectares of wheat will be planted, translating to an estimated total production of 315 000 to 337 500 metric tonnes.” Minister Mutsvangwa also said.
The winter wheat farming season is an important season for the Zimbabwe agriculture industry as it determines the availability of wheat latter on during the year.

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