Chartered Accountants Academy Celebrates 10th Anniversary

“Determination to reach the goal is a painful achievement.”
By Jabulani chisipo.
HARARE – Secretary for the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development ( MHTESTD ) Professor Fanuel Tagwira has commended the Chartered Accountants Academy ( CAA ) to take chartered accountancy profession to the previously managed sections of the society.
He said this in a speech read on his behalf by chief director HR in the ministry Mr Jacob Gonese at the stakeholders breakfast meeting to mark the 10th anniversary of CAA that was held in Harare ( Wednesday 26 May 2021 last week.)
Permanent secretary said: “CAA has managed to take chartered accountancy profession to the previously marginalised sections of our society and in the process changing lives in ways never seen before.”
He hailed the CAA for taking it upon themselves to be the torchbearers in a field that traditionally was preserved for the few.
Also he noted that the local trained chartered accountants are of good quality and they are gracing many boardrooms of prestigious corporates around the globe.
“This brings with it a significant contribution to the GDP as diaspora remittances are a major source of foreign currency as students will not have to import the same service form another country” he said.
The training of Accountants is hard as they debit away while the training of chartered accountants must be very taxing.
“Lawyers call themselves learned colleagues and don’t call yourselves learned” he added.
CAA Group CEO Mr Anesu Daka said he believe in Zimbabwe’s international capability and human skills: “This would not be for Zimbabwe but and others.”
The organisation has built a network of 100 local and foreign experts, and is getting back students from diaspora in Zimbabwe. For example from Malaysia they are now trusting the CAA system to them and have built a trusted system.
He said Private Public Partnerships ( PPP ) have a room to solve problems. Collaboration and partnerships makes formidable solutions for Zimbabwe and Africa. “The solutions for Zimbabwe and Africa lies with us.”
ICAZ Mr Tumai Mafunga said: “CAA came at a point when we recognised the qualification was elitist. It now represents the demographic of the country and as ICAZ they are grateful absolutely grateful to CAA.”
“The commitment from ICAZ is that it will continue supporting you” he added.
ICAZ Education Committee chairperson Mr Author Munaiwa “CAA I wish you continued success. May you grow from strength to strength and God bless you.”
Also Daka noted that CAA learning material is aligned to all ICAZ members.
“We have built partnership to support this qualification and we have saved forex” he added.
According to Daka “Determination to reach the goal is a painful achievement.”

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