Amore Organisation Values Girl Child’s Dignity

The World Menstrual Hygiene Day is commemorated by the global village on the 28th of May every year.
By Staff Reporter
Emerald Hill Children’s Home has celebrated the World Menstrual Hygiene Day in style filled with joy and happiness after Amore Organisation, an institution which mainly focuses on the well-being of women, young girls and children had shown them an act of love by extending a donation of sanitary ware.
This follows the realisation by Amore the suffering of many young girls as they struggle to access sanitary ware which as a result affect them in many different ways.
Commemmorating the World Menstrual Hygiene Day at Emerald Hill Children’s Home in Harare on Friday, a representative from Amore Organisation, Ruvarashe Maria Haines stressed the importance and need to ensure the protection of the girl child’s dignity, safety and comfort.
The organisation, she reiterated, had realised the need for a girl child’s dignity to be protected as well as ensuring their comfort as she pointed out that lack of such necessity was affecting many girls especially when it comes to attending school.
“Today we recognise the menstrual factor of the girl child and women so as an organisation that basically focuses on women, girls and children today we have decided to concentrate on the comfort and dignity of the girl child for it is crucial.
“When we say the dignity and the comfort of a girl child matters, we are trying to say because the girl child goes through a menstrual periods monthly, its a biological natural thing that should not limit them. Others can not even afford to buy sanitary pads. Often, we have noticed that a girl child might actually miss school because they are not comfortable,they lose dignity because sometimes if they walk around, they might be soiled and many girls lose confidence,” she said.
Additionally, Haines highlighted that young women and girls were encountering a plethora of challenges when it comes to getting sanitary ware and as a result they end up being abused by the people they feel are in good position to assist them.
“Many girls and young women because of this menstrual biological issue face challenges of being vulnerable in as much as getting sanitary ware is concerned. For instance a lot of girls aren’t comfortable of asking money for pads from their father and they opt to ask for it from their boyfriend or from another male and in the process of finding an easy way,they end up being abused so by donating we are trying to curb that vulnerability.”
Receiving the donation, Emerald Hill Children Home Fundraising Officer, Tinotenda Tagwirei expressed her gratitude explaining that they felt honoured to be remembered in such a special way which values dignity, happiness and comfort of the girl child.
“We are happy because we have received a donation from Amore Organisation in rememberance for young girls and we feel like they’re have remembered us in a very speciy way. Menstrual health is a very important issue for girls and we hope that as we go through our fundraising initiatives will also manage to raise more funds for the young girl who is going menstruation because this is important need every month for the girl child and we feel happy and grateful to have received this donation,” said Tagwirei.
Currently, Emerald Children’s Home is accommodating about 50 girls.
The World Menstrual Hygiene Day is commemorated by the global village on the 28th of May every yaer.

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