Access To Information On Covid, VISET Held Workshop

The role of the media is to ensure that people have the correct information about the vaccine. “We saw an opportunity as an organisation to debunk this myth.”

Some of the participants who attended the event last week in Harare . Pic: VISET
By Jabulani chisipo.
Harare Central Hospital’s official Dr Francis Tendai Mutamba has said the side effects of covid-19 vaccination rollout campaign which started in February/March this year are nothing to worry about.
The common side effects are: blurred vision, dizziness, headache, muscle cramp, and nausea, among others.
He said this whilst speaking at a half day meeting on Access To Information Around This Vaccine Campaign held by Vendors Initiative for Social and EconomicTransformation ( VISET ) in Harare last week Friday. Among the participants who attended the meeting were partners, CSOs, the media, valuable VISET members across Harare, it’s secretariat and board members.
“The common side effects of covid-19 vaccination are nothing to worry about now. There is a tremendous rise of people coming for vaccination that started in February or March is a positive but however they are not enough” he said.
Vaccination is the administration of a vaccine to help the immune to system develop protection from a disease.
According to Dr Mutamba to bring this pandemic to an end, large share of this world needs to be immune to the virus. Vaccines are that humanity has often relied on in the past to bring down the death toll of infections diseases.
“Now the challenge is to make these vaccines available to the people around the world and to increase acceptance in the general populace” he added.
Those people with history of bleeding disorders are not allowed to be vaccinated.
Program director at Trust Africa Mr Briggs Bomba said: “Covid-19 have revealed the abnormally of our social, economic and political system at the global level. We have seen the revelation of abnormal of what we have.”
This is a world that is operating at the mantra of profits before the people.
There is need to strengthen a position in this dynamic world regarding covid-19 and vaccination. “None of us is safe until all of us are safe” he said.
“The solution we are looking are seeking is a solution that work for all the globe not for only isolated demographics” added Bomba.
In his welcome remarks VISET director Mr Samuel Wadzai said vaccine the right information out there.
“The role of the media is to ensure that people have the correct information about the vaccine. “We saw an opportunity as an organisation to debunk this myth.”
Covid -19 came up with so much disadvantages so people take advantage of misinforming people.
He hoped that the meeting will able to come up with key actions as the meeting was not for finger-pointing each other.
“It’s an opportunity to co-create we have also residents associations who will help us to speak to some of these issues” he added.
Editor-In-Chief and director of Community Radio Harare Mr Givemore Chipere said the role of the media is to dispel some of the myths about covid-19 and the national vaccination program. Some of these widely held but false beliefs or ideas, for example “adding hot pepper to your meal kill covid-19; plot to finish black race.”
He said fake news often looks like real news. “In journalism, fake news attracts big audience.”
For example
Media need to raise awareness and to give prominence to covid-19 and the vaccines.
Also there is need for the media to work with VISET to run communications campaigns in partnership with government, CSOs, development partners among others.
“Media should be platforms for reducing stigma, discrimination and stress” added Chipere.
City of Harare’s Head of Cmmunications Mr Michael Chideme said: “So far the vaccines rollout has been a huge success so far and Local Authorities are playing a role in coordinating the program at the ground.”
He added that LAs have unrivalled knowledge and connections with their communities helping to get the word out about the vaccine.
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