Corrupt land baron Ken Sharpe’s associate Tatiana Aleshina affirms state capture in the ongoing High Court case


The controversial deal which involved 274 hectares is Worthy US$205 Million.
By Anyway Yotamu.
HARARE – Legislator for Harare North Norman Markham has accused justice fugitive land baron Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s associate controversial Tatiana Aleshina of affirming state capture in the ongoing High Court case.
Markham together with two others are seeking reversal of a secret land deal entered between Harare City Council and the Sharpe owned Augur Investments.
“An agreement for the construction of the Harare Airport road was made between the City of Harare and the 1st Respondent. That agreement was negotiated under an illegal environment where a commission was created despite the fact that a few weeks after the election of March 2008 lawfully elected Councillors existed,” said Markham.
However when the matter went to the Supreme Court on appeal, it is now evident from the Respondents’ own documents that pressure was made to bear on the City of Harare, through a directive from the 9th Respondent (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) in the form of a letter dated the 15th of May 2019 referred to in paragraph 72.4 of the 1st Respondent’s (Augur Investments) affidavit to withdraw all proceedings and settle,” added Markham.
In her opposing affidavit, Aleshina said she was accompanied by Government officials’ local government Minister July Moyo and Justice Ministry permanent secretary, Virginia Mabhiza to a meeting with President Mnangagwa.

Controversial Russian lady and Aurgur Investment’s Chief Operation Officer ,Tatiana Aleshina.
Her influence, Markham said, overpowered the City of Harare and led to a meeting with President Mnangagwa culminating in the secret deed of settlement.
Tatiana Aleshina on behalf of Augur Investments confesses that she was actively involved in pushing the Ministry of Local Government, its Minister and the Permanent Secretary, to actually visit the offices of the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. She makes the shocking disclosure that it was in this meeting with the Head of State that a settlement was ordered.
The controversial deal which involved 274 hectares / 2 740 000 square meters of prime land in Harare’s leaf area of Pomona. The land in question is worth US$205 million.
“A meeting which according to her was heard when court proceedings were taking place. Further, pursuant to this meeting, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government then called officials from the City of Harare to force a settlement. What she is in fact saying is that she uses her influence to extract a forced settlement on the City of Harare. This is State Capture.
MDC Alliance Legislator for Harare North Allan Norman Markham.
“She is therefore unfairly and mendaciously, name-dropping and fingering innocent public officials none more important than the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. She is in fact saying to this Honourable Court that do not touch the Deed of Settlement. It was made at the State House. Her demon of State Capture does not end there. The disclosures in paragraph 46 of her opposing affidavit are shocking. She claims that the Anti-Corruption Commission has cleared Augur Investments of any corruption. This is not correct and it cannot be correct,” read the Court application.

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