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20 May 2021
Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats is of the view that citizens need to realize that they should take the initiative to produce for their basic needs by using the resources (land, seeds, fruits, plants, minerals, labor and water) that we have naturally as denizens of this beautiful country. In this regard we urge our government and private players in the agriculture sector to invest in:
• organic seeds that can be reused and selectively bred without losing efficacy.
• solar energy if possible
• organic fertilizer and composts,
• tools and machinery
• water sources through investing in boreholes or water harvesting.
• stones to build shelter
• tree planning
As social democrats believing in Pan Africanism we believe this will go a long way towards production food thereby ensuring food security and the reduction of the hunger.
Our people have always been food self sufficient but urban migration, dependency on aid, the
cost of seeds and inputs are affecting food production, which is why our drive is to make
production, self sufficiency and farming sexy again. Many studies are saying that by 2030, Africa will have billionaires from the agriculture sector and our nation should prepare for this by, getting everyone to learn how to produce from the land. The food that people produce must be wholesome, nutritious, healthy and healing for the body.
Food should become our doctor and pharmacy through it being organic and free from synthetics, to foster a healthy population and to reduce healthcare costs.
It is one of our major aims as a political party to ensure that Zimbabwe reduces her reliance on importing food by substituting imported foods with healthier, fresh whole foods that our ancestors grew an empire on. We also believe that our traditional crops are less susceptible to hybridization, people still have the seeds, they are more suited to the soil and rain patterns of our region, to mitigate climate change and the cost of production.
As a nation, we really have to break our dependency on western bio-tech companies and products (seeds, fertilizers and pesticides) through policy, change in farming practices, building our own
organic agricultural companies and going back to traditional farming methods. We believe that biotechnology or industrial farming methods are a national security threat to
the country and Africa. This is so because Americans have been using biotechnology as a market capture penetration strategy developed at Harvard in the 1950s, to drive their $127billion biotech revenue, through fostering dependency on American biotech companies and food.
Biological Weapon
More critically it was not just designed as a means of business but as a biological weapon that Americans are planning to use to colonize and dominate the world through food control, by making nations dependent on hybrids with genetic use restriction technology (GURT) that eliminate organic natural reproductive seeds. The other method is through genetically modified foods that can be genetically programmed with ethnic targeting RNA disrupting technology, to eliminate specific ethnic groups. Most of these GMOs also have Genetic Use Restriction Termination Technology (GURT) that makes their seeds unable to reproduce and this can be transmitted to organic seeds through drift and cross pollination. This is why Russia has banned American GMOs in their country.
We urge Zimbabweans to start growing organic foods to feed Zimbabweans. When we go organic we become a healthier nation. #TogetherWeCan
Mambokadzi Linda Tsungirirai Masarira
LEAD President

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