Zimbabwe Joined the UN Global Safety Week of Road Safety Celebration.

By Jabulani Chisipo
HARARE – Drivers have been urged to travel at a appropriate speed in order to make it safe for all road users by the Secretary for Transport and Infrastructural Development Engineer Theodius Chinyanga at a press conference to mark the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week in Zimbabwe.
He said this in his speech read on his behalf by Acting Chief Director Department of Roads in the ministry Engineer. Irene Michaels held in Harare today , “As you are all aware, speed is a significant road safety issue. The speed of a vehicle involved in a collision plays a part in that crash.”
This year’s theme is “Streets for Life” where there is A worldwide call for lower speed limits to be the norm for cities towns and villages.
The faster one is traveling, the loner it takes to stop.
“We must also bear in mind that the faster you are travelling, the stronger the forces involved in a crash – and this means people are more likely to be killed or seriously injured” he added.
World Health Organization technical officer Dr Edmore Manongo said “The Global Road Safety Week is intended to raise awareness and to get political commitment safety.”
There is need to make the roads safe and green for children, the elderly and People Living with Disabilities, and others.
“We think the government of Zimbabwe has showed commitment by setting up Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe it’s a clear indication of political commitment” said Dr Manungo.
He noted that in Zimbabwe there are humps in many places which is a starting point in the campaign to reduce speed.
Also TSCZ official Mr Ernest Muchena who directed the event echoed Dr Manungo on the humps and said “”speed humps are also another way of reducing speed.”
TSCZ Acting Managing Director Mr Clifford Gobo in his welcome said “We welcome you representative from different organisations that have an interest in road safety.”
He commended the media, and said “We cherished working with the media as you inform, investigate and explain issues that are not so clear to our people.”
The global safety week is being celebrated from 17 to 23 of May with a call for 30 km/h (20mph) speed limits to be the norm for cities, towns, and villages worldwide.
The ministry in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe WHO Country Office have joined the world to mark the occasion.
TSCZ having been assigned to play a leading role in organising and coordinating the week’s activities.
This week there is a symposium to be held in Harare where the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and and the Attorney-General Office will attend. The chosen speakers will have an opportunity to gather policy commitments at national and local levels to deliver 30 km/h speed in urban areas.
“I hope they will successfully generate local support for such low-speed measures in order to create safe, green and livable cities and highlight the links between 30 km/h and attainment of a number of Sustainable Development Goal, including on health, education, infrastructures, sustainable cities, climate action partnerships” added Permanent Secretary.
The symposium is a lineup of campaigns in Harare and other cities. He urged for all to rally behind TSCZ to fight the carnage in the roads.

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