Makandiwa Promises Fireworks.

By Staff Reporter
United Family International Church (UFIC) Founder, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has promised his first ever and explosive press conference, to be help this coming Sunday.
Addressing his congregation who were following his weekly Sunday broadcast sermon online, Makandiwa said that he will have to make his first ever press statement and makes sure that air is cleared to bring sanity to the church and set the record straight.
The message was however not clear as he spoke of so much power that is going to be released against the enemy and challenged that it shall be seen who has God’s side after the warfare and whose camp is stronger, stating that he is not a fighter physically, as his greater part is spiritual.
In what seemed to be a hotly charged but very calm promise, Makandiwa stated

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Enemies have spoken, they have not been quiet, and we have been quiet, but now its our turn, lets see who is going to survive.
“I have never released a press statement, I feel like something needs to be said, it is time you hear me say some things, my strength is not my weakness, its a strength, I`m known for something else and not for something else, but certain things have to be corrected”
“Im going to say some things and you have to brace for that, hold on to anything that you can find, because we need to bring order and sanity to the body of Christ, and i feel God has given to me that mandate to restrain the operation of the Devil”
Makandiwa also stated that he has not been fighting anyone for years because he understands God’s power within him.
“Brace Up, We need to bring Sanity into the body Of Christ, Im not a fighter physically,
I have never targeted an individual and he goes on for 2 days…” addded Makandiwa.
Makandiwa however stated that this is not going to be a prophecy or an issue to do with the bible but a mere matter he needs to address to fix the anomaly and problems the body is Christ is facing.
“Have you ever seen me give press statements, where I sit in the office and address the world on other matters, not the bible or Prophecy, but other matters”
I`m not just a man of God I`m a mature man of God, i know myself and i know my character, i trust myself when it comes to that because i work with God
I cant tell you that but if the enemy is smart he must throw everything he has before that day, after that it will be too late!
Lately other clerics have attacked Makandiwa and created false rumours about him and tried to assasinate his character with Prophet Uebert Angel`s name being brought in by one Prophet Jay Israel over alleged adultery issues but those close to the man of the cloth said the presser had nothing to do with that matter.
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