ZIDA milestones: Self-appointed investment fixers left in the dry

By Staff Reporter
HARARE – Fraudsters and middlemen who charged prospective foreign investors fees to facilitate their projects locally have been cut out by the coming in of the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (ZIDA).
A major score for the country’s ease of doing business drive following the shutting out of self-appointed investment fixers and fraudsters, who used their proximity to government officials to swoop on foreign investors by charging them hefty facilitation fees.
ZIDA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Doug Munatsi revealed this milestone when the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Parliamentary Portfolio Committee toured ZIDA offices in the capital this Tuesday.
“Others swindled investors by charging them huge sums of money to meet ministers and the President himself those have been left in the cold,” he said.
ZIDA is a direct culmination of the Second Republic’s ease of doing business trajectory but is still concerned by those still directly approaching ministries to get investment permits.
“You still have people who want to approach ministries directly and they end up coming here again so they need to know that things have changed,” Munatsi added.
However, members of the committee raised concern over easy access of the organisation’s offices due to shortage of parking space in the Central Business District (CBD).

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