Suspended Harare City Town Clerk to Appear in Court Over Perjury.

By Anyway Yotamu
HARARE – Embattled suspended Harare Town Clerk, Hosiah  Chisango in his capacity and representing the City of Harare has been arraigned before the Magistrates Court tomorrow facing criminal charges of perjury.
The state led by Zivanai Macharaga, allegations are that on the 2nd of October 2018 at the High Court of Zimbabwe Civil Division, Harare, Chisango, in his personal capacity and as well as the Town Clerk of City of Harare, jointly filed a sworn affidavit under High Court case number HC 8943/18 and lied in that affidavit that there was no payment that was made to the City of Harare for the approval of building plans which were attached to Georgios Katsimberis’ founding affidavit in High Court case number HC 8943/18 when in fact a payment of US$3,707 had been done for such approval.
Chisango further lied that the house in question was built without approved building plans when in fact those plans were approved by the City of Harare.

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