Controversial Land Baron Ken Sharpe’s Pokugara Managing Director Michael Van Blerk Slapped With Warrant Of Arrest

By Court Reporter
A Harare magistrate on Friday issued a warrant of arrest for controversial land baron Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s Pokugara Properties (PVT) LTD managing director , Michael John Van Blerk after he failed to show up at the Harare Magistrates Court for routine remand over fraud charges.

Controversial land baron Ken Sharpe who left the country three years ago and believed to be in Ukraine.
“At large”  Van Blerk in his capacity and representing Pokugara Properties also stands accused of defrauding Harare City Council (HCC) of $1,5 million in a property development deal.
Sometime last year the State led by Zivanai Macharaga alleges that during the period extending from June 15 2016 and September 23 the same year, the complainant in this matter, George Katsimberis entered into three joint venture agreements with Kenneth Raydon Sharpe well knon as Ken Sharpe and formed three companies namely Borrowdale Ecofriendly Estates, Gunhill Ecofriendly Estate and Pokugara Ecofriendly Estates.
The purpose of the joint venture agreement was to form a joint venture residential property company that owns and rents developed houses and flats, the court heard.
Mandla Marlon Ndebele pose for a picture with musicianJah Prayzah who recently given a residential stand at Pokugara Properties in Borrowdale and Ken Sharpe’s front runner Tatiana Aleshina.
Pokugara was allegedly formed by two parties, the first being Kilimanjaro, Porcupine and Hamter Trust represented Kenneth Radon Sharpe while the second being Coolfitch Investments by Katsimbiris and the shareholding structure was 50 percent for each party.
The first party’s obligation was to contribute 13 stands totaling 25 931 square meters at an agreed value US $34,08 per square meter giving a total land value of US$883 728,48 which was subject to be further subdivided into smaller cluster stands for the joint venture company.
The second party’s obligation was to avail funds equivalent to 13 stands availed by the first party. The second party was to raise the same amount and apply it in the building of the hoses for the joint venture.
The court heard that the second party had framed diagrams approved by the Surveyor General’s Office. He also made diagrams which included sewer and water reticulation as well as constructing a single storey show house on one of the 21 cluster stands. The framed diagrams were in possession of Katsimberis for safekeeping and the City of Harare had reportedly approved them.
A dispute reportedly arose prompting the first party to initiate the cancellation of the joint venture agreement and in pursuance of this Blerk who was the Managing director of Pokugara and was working in connivance with Sharpe and with knowledge that the original framed diagrams were being held by Katsimberis wrote and signed an affidavit in which he lied to the surveyor General that the original copies had been lost.
On October 8 2019 ,Van Blerk allegedly went to the Surveyor General’s Office and tendered the affidavit accompanied by a letter requesting the cancellation of the framed diagrams
At large Pokugara Properties director Michael John Van Blerk.
Pokugara Properties Chief Operations Officer Tatiana Aleshina never showed up for the Court session.
The framed diagrams were then cancelled prejudicing Katsimberis, the court heard

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