Zimra launches vaccination drive to it’s employees

By Jabulani chisipo
HARARE – There have been so much negative comments in the media and social media about covid—19 vaccination process in the country, a Zimra top official, has said.
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority vice-chairperson Josephine Matambo was speaking at the Zimra awareness vaccination campaign meeting and launch which was held in Harare this Wednesday attended by Zimra body, the executive management , Zimra employees representatives the national and workers council among others.
“This meeting and launch formally this vaccination for Zimra. There have been so much negative comments in the media and social media so that it has caused fear in the staff” she said.
These vaccines which people are getting are not harmful and one will not be affected to an extend of going to the hospital.
Zimra acting commissioner-general Mr Rameck Masaire speaking at the same occasion, said “I have found it necessary to propose and launch the Zimra awareness to encourage colleagues in Zimra that vaccination is meant to protect us.”
Covid-19 Committee has been constituted at board level to guide how to manage the pandemic.
He commended the national and workers council for having mooted the idea of this vaccination awareness campaign.
It was mentioned that the authority will continue to take measures that have made success against covid-19 for example offices disinfection; provide transport awareness; covid-19 tool kits ; and carry out awareness campaigns.
A City of Harare official and presenter, Dr Soman Mudariki presented on “COVID-19 Vaccination Program in Zimbabwe.”. He said there is need to take precaution post vaccination, and “vaccination protects you from getting seriously ill and dying from covid—19.”
Covid-19 pandemic is a global health and societal emergency that requires effective, immediate action by government’s, individuals and business.
“Business has a role to play in minimising transmission of the pandemic” he said.
Vaccination is a simple, safe, and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases, before they come into contact with them.
“It uses your body’s natural defences to build resistance to specific infections and make your immune stronger and protected” said Dr Mudariki.
In Zimbabwe there are 100 043 people who died of covid-19 so far.
Also the meeting heard that there is need to utilise opportunities provided by government to ensure that everyone is protected and vaccinated.
And Zimra’s contribution to the revenues is massive.
However, the country has lost a lot of revenues by shutting down the national boarders, social disruption.
“We can’t hide and shut our boarders for ever so vaccination is essential” he added.

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