Tatiana Aleshina implicates President Mnangagwa, July Moyo, Virginia Mabiza and Attorney General in the US$205 million “land heist” scandal

By Anyway Yotamu, Court Reporter
HARARE – Controversial land developer Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s Augur Investments, which was recently caught in a US$205 million land ‘heist’ scandal has implicated President Emmerson Mnangagwa ,Local Government Minister July Moyo, Attorney General Advocate Prince Machaya and Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs who was also the Uchena’s Land Commission secretary, Virginia Mabiza of influencing the signing of the secret Deed of Settlement between City of Harare and Augur Investments.

Augur Investments Chief Operations Officer ,Ms Tatiana Aleshina.
The company’s Chief Operations Officer Tatiana Aleshina in her swown affidavit to oppose the application by opposition MDC Alliance MP for Harare North Allan Norman Markham, Tavonga Savings Scheme and Jacob Pikicha who recently pressured President Mnangagwa to explain a secret land deal with Sharpe’s Augur Investments.
MDC Alliance Legislator for Harare Allan Norman Markham.
The deal which involved 274 hectares (2 740 000 square meters) of prime land in Harare’s leaf area of Pomona. The land in question is worth US$205 million, but was allegedly undervalued to a mere US$20 million, the value on contract is US$7,50 per square metre.
According to Court Application filed on the 10 th of March 2021 by Markham reviewed that after a series of litigations between the City of Harare and Sharpe’s Augur Investments represented by it’s C.O.O, Tatiana Aleshina, a secret Deed of Settlement was executed on May 28, 2018, at the behest of Moyo who also claimed he had President Mnangagwa’s directive, former Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba and suspended Town Clerk Hosiah Abraham Chisango, signed for the local authority.
Former Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba
Markham demanded that the shaddy deal between the City of Harare and Sharpe be reversed so that the land benefits the homeless.
Augur Investments was cited as the first respondent while Sharpe was cited as the second respondent in the application while other respondents, from third to ninth, included Tatiana Aleshina, Michael John Van Blerk, City of Harare, Local Government minister, Doorex Properties Private Limited, the Registrar of Deeds and President Mnangagwa as the 9th respondent.
Local Government Minister , July Moyo.
Through Aleshina , Augur Investments filed its response at the High Court under case number HC 425/21dated March 23rd 2021, Aleshina claimed that she was annointed by President Mnangagwa to reach to the agreement to sign the deed out of court after City of Harare approached the Supreme Court to gain ownership of the land in question.
“During the Supreme Court proceedings and in the spirit of trying to reach to a settlement, I accompanied the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government to a meeting with the Head of State (President Mnangagwa) during which it was agreed that the parties should try and settle their differences as an out of court settlement. The permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government thereafter called a meeting of the City of Harare officials, that is, the Town Clerk Abraham Chisango and the Mayor Hebert Gomba. There also other Ministry and City Officials. It was agreed that parties would try to negotiate a mutually agreed Deed of Settlement”, reads part of Aleshina’s affidavit.
Court papers filed by Harare North legislator on 10 March this year shows that a secret deed of settlement was executed on 28 May 2019 at the behest of July Moyo who also claimed he had President Mnangagwa’s authority.
The court was told that sometime in May 2019 Herbert Gomba, the then mayor of Harare and suspended Town Clerk Hosiah Chisango signed for the local authority.
Suspended Harare City Clerk, Hosiah Abraham Abraham Chisango.
The deal gave Sharpe’s Augur Investments dubious and illegal immunity from litigation over disputed vast tracts of land he acquired through the Airport Road construction project which was however not completed.
It is alleged that when the local authority was trying to regain the land through the courts, Moyo, representing himself and Mnangagwa, signed a secret deal offering Augur and its associated companies, directors, and representatives immunity from past, present and future litigation over the land by the government, council or any third parties.
The applicants argue that the deed of settlement is not only illegal but a clear case of theft of prime council land in the leaf Pomona surburb.
Aleshina claimed that Augur Investments had been cleared of any wrong doing by the graft boardZimbabwe Ant-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and the Land Commission led by Justice Tendai Uchena which did audit of Urban State land two years ago saying:
Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Permanent Secretary , Virginia Mabiz. “The Anti -Corruption Commission absolved 1st respondent (Augur Investments), 2nd respondent ( Ken Sharpe) and myself of any wrongdoing. The case never went to Court and therefore the statements are irrelevant and must be expunged from the record. Augur Investments went on to write to Secretary of the Land Commission Me. Virginia Mauza advising that the Anti-Corruption Commission had been to see us and enquiring what happened issues were. Full disclosure on the Land bank was made. The Commission was requested to conduct an inquiry they needed to assist 1st respondent, 2nd respondent and I to clear our names. To date they have not found any wrongdoing with Augur Investments. 1st respondent, 2nd respondent and I are not even found implicated in the Uchena Land Commission report on illegal parceling of state land “, reads part of Aleshina’s affidavit.Attorney General Advocate Prince Machaya and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
In addition, Aleshina also argues that the suit in this matter has been brought against Augur Investments OU which is described as a company duly registered according to the laws of Ukraine and which is said to be trading and operating extensively in Zimbabwe, yet the factual position is that the company is not the firm said to be registered in Ukraine but a different entity altogether registered in Mauritius.
“The applicants have thus proceeded against a wrong party. The first respondent on whom the application was served was thus wrongly cited,” she submitted.
She said Markham has not demonstrated that he has a real and substantial interest in this matter as his founding affidavit does not show that the land is in his constituency.
She also denied being Ukrainian but Russian and denied allegations that Sharpe is on the run , who reportedly left Harare three years ago.
Controversial businessman, Ken Sharpe who left the country three years ago and believed to be in Ukraine.
“There are no pending criminal proceedings against him to substantiate this libelous false accusation. There is no court order calling for his incarceration. The law enforcement agents in this country are not even looking for him.” reads Aleshina’s affidavit.

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