Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume Suspended

By Staff Reporter

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume, has been suspended as councillorsl for ward 17, Mt Pleasant, with immediate effect on corruption related charges.

He is accused of parceling out land to different people and companies in various parts of the city. The mayor, Mafume, is already suspended from his mayor’s duties.
According to a letters written by acting Local Government and Public Works Minister Jenfan Muswere dated January 22, Mafume is suspended based on findings of an investigation team which produced a preliminary report dated December 14, 2020 in line with Section 114 (2) of the Urban Councils Act.

Minister Muswere said there is reasonable ground to suspect Mafume was guilty of misconduct.

Mafume will be banned from conducting any business for or on behalf of council within or outside council premises and he will not be eligible to receive any form of remuneration during the suspension.
He was advised to respond to the allegations within seven days of receiving the suspension letter

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