Stingy Man Association Dumps Shingi Munyeza

By Staff Reporter.

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s prolific clergy and businessman who until now had his resume impeccably clean as a whistle, Dr Shingi Munyeza has “fallen” in sin and subsequently a social media group called Stingy Man Association of Zimbabwe cancelled his membership for spending money with another lady.

Munyeza a  pastor at the Borrowdale Community Church, an elite branch of the Faith Ministries International under the leadership of  , Dr. Mkandla.

Details of his unfaithfulness surfaced as socialite and self styled Minister of Social Media, Wellence Mujuru reposted Shingi’s daughter Nomsa’s angry comments exposing her father’s infidelity.

Dr Shingi Munyeza steps down as Pastor of Borrodale Community Church

Immediately, the post attracted keen interest from Zimbabweans across the world and digging immediately started. Seeing that the cat has just left the bag, both Dr Munyeza and the Borrowdale Community Church rushed in panic to make independant statements.

There is no mention of the lady in question in either press statements though this publication is now on good authority as to who the Pastor’s third wheel is.

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