FULL TEXT: Jonathan Moyo Responds To Allegations Of Rape

1/9 Dear Hatred Zenenga Editor, @HeraldZimbabwe Hatred, I refer to your scurrilously defamatory story in the @HeraldZimbabwe today (18 January 2021) in which you allege that I face rape accusations. I take your scandalously false allegations seriously!

2/9 Your story alleges that Mrs Sipho Mazibuko claims in a Facebook post that I “RAPED” her 11 years ago. Her attached Facebook post that I’ve seen alleges that I “SEXUALLY ABUSED” her, which I categorically & emphatically deny. You’ve elevated her “sexual abuse” claims to RAPE!o

3/9 On 13 January 2021, your @HeraldZimbabwe published a revealing article about Mrs Sipho Mazibuko and her issues that I am attaching herewith, whose contents speak for themselves, as a background to your scurrilously defamatory story published today.

4/9 I note that you shamelessly think you can get some weight to support your scurrilously defamatory story by citing a tweet posted by a ZanuPF youth league member on my Twitter TL. No one needs a rocket scientist to see what’s going on. I thank you for the unintended insight

5/9 While you cited the ZanuPF youth league member, because he invoked the “RAPE” word, you clumsily avoided referring to a tweet posted on Saturday on my Twitter TL by @FriendsEd (FriendsOfMnangagwa); to vainly cover up @edmnangagwa‘s dirty hands in this!


*Moyo sexually abused woman at Kwekwe Assembly Point in 1980

*Moyo had homosexual sex with Alum Mpofu

*Moyo impregnated & killed Jackie Madondo

*Moyo sexually abused Yulith Ndlovu

*Moyo sexually abused his late daughter

*Moyo sexually abused Sipho Mazibuko

7/9 You slyly allege that I “left Zimbabwe hurriedly in 2017”. You desperately want to cover up the fact that Emmerson Mnangagwa, who specialises in criminalising his political opponents, sent 25 soldiers with AK47s & grenades to attack me & my family at our home on 15 Nov 2017!

  • 8/9 And Hatred, you refer to a missing @PoliceZimbabwe report. At no time in my life did any @PoliceZimbabwe officer anywhere in Zimbabwe engage me on these false and outrageous allegations. Also I never had any direct or indirect involvement with Mrs Mazibuko’s psychiatric care!

9/9 I empathise with Sipho Mazibuko’s situation. It’s outrageous for you Hatred & your handlers to exploit it this way. For the record, I never spent a second of my life with Sipho Mazibuko alone. Specifically I was not a minister 11 years ago & I never saw nor spoke to her then!

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