Update From Chimanimani As Cyclone Chalane Reaches In Zimbabwe.

By Staff Reporter

CHHIMANIMANI – Wind and rains intensify and it has been raining continuously since 1600hrs.

In the morning we had light showers and some breaks.

In Ngangu, a few houses had their roofs blown off by the powerful midday winds, also a flea market in Ngangu has bn razed to the ground.

In village, the big tress are acting as windshields and I havent noticed any structural damage as yet.

Anglican Church later opened in the afternoon and now hosting some other people.
UBC Church is full to the bream, and an arrangement we have made is to make women and children occupy the church whilst the majority of males are accomodated at Saul Chivasa’s house next to UBC Church.
Chivasa has also offered kitchen facilities and firewood at his place.

Most of our disabled citizens are housed at Chm Pry, and I havent had the chance to be there as yet.

The biggest challenge is that we have a disaster in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, there is literally no Covid 19 PPE, and there is no toileteries.
No safety regulations are being observed at all, pple have no choice.

Lack of food cld also be a challenge if it keeps raining for days.
Only a handful brought food and we will see how it goes.

We just pray that there will be no further damage.

God Bless

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