Fearless Biti Blasts clueless and Delusional Mnangagwa.

By Staff Reporter.
HARARE – MDC Alliance vice president, Hon Tendai Biti has said Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa is a man living in a delusional world in a Twitter post.
According to Hon Biti, 10 million people have been subjected to untold suffering due to Mr Mnangagwa’s callousness.
“2020 was the worst year for all workers.10 m people faced a humanitarian crisis, with 79% of the people being plunged into extreme poverty.
On the human rights front , there was massive closure of political space.
There was an increase in abductions,torture and abuse of human rights.
The persecution of journalists and activists was a huge indictment.The attacks on the democratic movement were unprecedented and pathological.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa chats with street vendors in Kwekwe early this year.
So Emmerson’s remarks reflect another Zim not shared by the ordinary citizens . His is a world of delusion .
In the real world the Zimbabwean is suffering , alienated , isolated, fatalistic and hungry,” argued Hon Biti.

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