By Tendai Moyo
Afro-pop Malawian artist Kim of Diamonds, well known for her songs “Heart Go” and “Trouble” amongst others says music is a self discovery.
In an interview Kim disclosed that she started singing when she was 10 years old and that it has been a continuous journey of self discovery through music.
Had she not taken music seriously as a career in 2013 and warded off the idea of her uncertainty, some of her hit songs would be undiscovered.
“Now I see how everything becomes a bit clearer with time. I write songs for social causes from youth empowerment to sending young girls to
school and to anything that promotes love. I think the world needs more love for it to heal,” she said.
“I try to write songs about self-love in different situations. I write to give a gentle reminder about how much power we have over how we respond to all kinds of situations, mostly to do with love.
“In the coming year, I will be looking forward to physically teaching others what I know about songwriting and music.”
Her inspirations stem from life and everything in it, especially relationships of every kind and according to her those things inspire
different reactions from people.
“We get to discover pieces of ourselves through our
experiences with people. I try to capture those feelings through melodies and lyrics
that feel good to me.”
Kim of Diamonds specializes in Afro R&B and pop mainly and occasionally, a bit of rap.
“I have done some collaborations with Sudden Smoke, he is a producer from Nigeria and have also worked with The Beat Banger from Zambia and producers from the home
base as well, Sonye, BFB, Abstract Records, Lawi and CKay,” she said.
“I have worked with Dvmiwrong, Virtue, Third Eye, Liwu, Ali Rose and a few more Malawian artists.”
She looks forward to working “to make hits with the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Tekno, Lila Ike and
Tems one day.”
Kim just finished working on a collaborative EP with a fellow Malawian artist, Virtue, a rapper/lyricist.
“We’ve made this EP called With Love From Malawi, produced by CKay. It is our love letter to the world from us, our thoughts and experiences.”
She promises “more
music, music videos and shows and a couple of surprises along the way.”
Though she is currently “not engaged in any Corporate Social Responsibility at the moment, she hopes to share what she knows with other young people passionate
about music like her.”

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