Tatiana Aleshina and Ken Sharpe up for namedropping.

By Staff Reporter
The Russian woman, Ms Tatiana Aleshina who Tendai Biti, is allegedly assaulted is now embroiled in a thread of name droppers involving business moguls who have been extending empires through corrupt land deals by using names of the national executives.
It has emerged that Aleshina is Ken Sharpe’s close relative and both are quoted several times claiming to use President Emerson Mnangagwa’s name to further thier interests in land deals and to have impunity from arrest.
This comes at a time when the President himself recently issued a sterling warning against anyone caught using namedropping for personal enrichment purposes.
An official closely linked to Pokugara Estates, one of Sharpe’s businesses who declined to mention his name for anonymous reasons said Tatiana Aleshina is his close relative. She is quoted several times boasting for claiming that Sharpe has been using President’s name to further his own deals in the capital. Through this he has been also claiming to have captured the judiciary system.
Sharpe himself who is believed to be currently in Ukraine is alleged to be a fugitive of justice.
“You see my friend, Tatiana Aleshina who Tendai Biti allegedly assaulted is a close relative of ken Sharpe. Sharpe is the owner of Pokugara Estates a company that is entangled in a number of land deals in the Capital. The man is a fugitive of justice who left the country long ago. The issue is that the Russian lady Aleshina have been claiming that Sharpe’s business deals has been protected due to the alleged connection with the President himself. But in actual fact it is namedropping that is at hand.”
“She has been telling us that there is nothing that can be done to Sharpe and his businesses because we use President’s name to seek protection and this has been working so well. This explains the reasons why we have been having successful court cases and probably they believe that we might be connected to the President himself,” he said.
Some people have been caught offside, approaching government offices on the pretext of namedropping and this has been utilized as an avenue for corruption.
Recently Relish Nguwaya another businessman was arrested during the COVID 19 Lockdown Period after it also emerged that he used namedropping to aid towards his own personal expedients.
This alao triggered the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) to develop keen interest in Nguwaya and this subsequently led to his arrest.

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