Newly created Pan-African Football website promoting unsung African footballers.

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HARARE – Players in the media industry have come together to create a new web portal exclusively for African football under the name of ‘’ which is already live and going strong.
This digital media, created by Africans and for Africans, positions itself as a federative, evolutionary and interactive process.
It aims to be a professional Pan-African football news platform in order to focus on publicizing and promoting this ruling sport in Africa.
Written in both French and English language, the website is conceived and steered by a team of professional journalists, who are domiciled in over 20 different African countries.
“This platform discusses in all independence and exclusively, African football action in real time, while giving priority to the factual, the analysis, the decryption, the commentary and the investigation, all of this while also making sure there is a strict respect of the conduct and the professional ethics in accordance with its editorial line,” Pan-African Football said in a statement.
“Leading figures of the football planet will take part regularly on this website, to step up the level of reflection on the number one sport in Africa and in the world, as well as come forward with judicious and constructive propositions to raise profile and aim for the development of the rounded ball.”
Also the new media grants a particular importance to the coverage of major football events and of the fifteen best championships in Africa.
“Its ambition is to contribute to the consolidation of professional relationships between our fellow colleagues in this continent, going from Rabat to Johannesburg, through Dakar and Abidjan and from Cairo to Douala via Lagos and Kinshasa,” reads part of the statement.
The content of pan-African football is also accessible on all its social media accounts.

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