FreeZim Congress party’s policy formulated

By Staff Reporter
The FreeZim Congress Zimbabwe President Joseph Makamba Busha has said that peace is priceless and must be sustainable whilst conflict is a way of freeing nations from the colonial, racist, and poverty yokes.
He was speaking during the party’s policy conference in Harare recently. Mr Busha referenced the liberation struggle saying that it sought to usher the natives into peace and tranquility.
“Right from the First Chimurenga during the time of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi, the liberation struggle sought to bring peace to the people. Our heroes fought for justice and humanity.
“Our heroes fought for sovereignty and territorial independence including the right to freedom of expression, basic life, among others, for all the people,” he said.
He mentioned that his party is dedicated to a policy that seeks to promote peace, harmony and unity adding that through its environmental policy, it will protect the environment for sustainability.
Moreover, Free Zim Congress party recognizes and values the fundamental role played by agriculture. It is of the view that an agricultural-based industrialisation and mechanisation sector remains the backbone of any given robust economy.
With regards to the social welfare of the citizens, Mr Busha said;
“We emphasise on rule of law, property, and human rights. FreeZim congress will have a lean government. The party will reduce the number of provinces to five to eliminate corruption, patronage, and executive excess. It will invest heavily in research and development.
“We also remain committed to cater for the well being of our vulnerable citizens through our social services policy by providing free education, and health for children, senior citizens, and the unemployed.
“There will be economic hubs with functional in-country development projects. Corporate tax will be reduced to 7%. There should be sustainable pension schemes. Territorial, socio-political and economic independence are key ingredients for success. Thus there is a need for employment creation,” he said.
FreeZim Congress Constitution is the document that defines values, beliefs, ideology, aspirations, and that guides and binds people together as Zimbabweans.
The political party believes in, and submits itself to, the Powers of the Creator of all that is living, the Earth and Heavens. It strongly believes that the world has so much to give in proportion to individual efforts such that people are able to live in peace and harmony with all the diversity created and environment that surrounds humankind.
Ideologically, FreeZim Congress believes that in a fair, just and equitable society there should be access to basic needs such as water, food, shelter and health facilities by all. Natural resources must be used for the benefit of the nation through developmental and social services delivery.
The State, with servant-leadership style of government is central and provider of last resort of social services at a cost but with community-centred support structures.

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